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Langford Ultrasonic Cleaners

Langford Ultrasonics has a long heritage of Ultrasonic cleaner manufacturing in the UK and across Europe.

The Sonomatic range is renowned for quality and ultrasonic cleaners that serve industry giving environmentally friendly, energy efficient and effect precision cleaning.

The range has small bench top Ultrasonic cleaning units (575TT) ideal for tattooist and the jewellery trade and up to 200 litre industrial ultrasonic cleaning units (Sonomatic 200) which can have the option for a pump and filter systems. We stock a number of units within this range and can normally deliver within 10 working days.

Already got a Langford Ultrasonic cleaner? We can service or repair all Langford Ultrasonic Cleaners  our engineers are experts and have manufactured Langford Ultrasonic cleaning  units over a number of years, If you have had your unit for sometime let us take care of it and ensure that it is working to the best of its ability.

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