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EJ Ultrasonic Activity Meter

How do you know if you're Ultrasonics are working for you?

Ultrasonic Cleaning can be a critical process within your manufacturing. It is important to be able to monitor your ultrasonic cleaning methods to ensure you are getting the right clean. Without process control you may experience parts that aren't cleaned correctly which can cause rejects and end up saving you time and money. There are some industries where an ultrasonic cleaner will need to be validated to ensure the process is being carried out correctly.

Traditionally there haven't been many sophisticated methods of monitoring Ultrasonic performance most people still consider the foil test as the best way to monitor your precision cleaning. EJ now are able to offer a solution to your ultrasonic monitoring.

EJ M110 Our latest Ultrasonic activity meter gives you the best way to detect frequencies and ultrasonic energy within a cleaning tank. An affordable, reliable  instrument that comes in both panel mount and handheld version that use a probe to detect frequencies and voltage inside the media of an ultrasonic tank.

Our meter gives you accurate readings enabling you to assess your ultrasonic activity over a length of time
Our meters give you the true RMS output by detecting frequencies and voltages inside the tank and converting them to RMS to display on the screen
Lightweight and portable the UIltra one activity meter can be used throughtout the factory
The probe can be used throughout the tank to collect relevant data for analysis

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