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Case Studies

When Adrian Maxwell, MD at the Multi Award winning cappuccino and expresso machine manufacturer Fracino had a problem with his ultrasonic cleaning unit he knew who to call : EJ Ultrasonics.

Fracino’s ultrasonic precision cleaning - a vital part of the manufacturing process - entails descaling coffee boilers which the business produces. In fact, production would be dramatically reduced without this process. 

With Fracino’s cutting-edge machines exported to over 70 countries worldwide, an ineffective cleaning system would undoubtedly impact on the bottom line.

Fracino’s unit arrived with us on a Friday morning - we assessed the current Ultrasonic cleaning unit and, apart from being in need of repair, it was not fit for purpose. As in several instances we come across, the unit was underpowered (under 5 watts per litre) and the incorrect size to achieve an effective clean. A key factor in ultrasonic cleaning is capacity of machine and ultrasonic power.

Our design team was tasked with creating an Ultrasonic unit and process that produced great results for Fracino. Time was of the essence, we delivered the machine within the deadline and Adrian went through an ultrasonic consultancy to identify his precision cleaning needs  and was extremely happy that the machine was delivered within the deadline.

"The machine is brilliant and much better than our last machine, with results that allow us to remove a brightening process we previously used,” says Adrian.

The new machine and process has now increased the effectiveness of Fracino’s ultrasonic cleaning and brought the company cost savings by removing an additional manufacturing process.

EJ Ultrasonics is delighted to have helped Fracino keep its customers’ cups full with quality coffee which tastes great.

Adrian Maxwell Fracino

When you are given the task of restoring the Rugby World Cup and you're Ultrasonic Cleaner goes down there is only one company you can call.......

Thomas Lyte are world renowned Goldsmiths and Silversmiths with recognition for designing, making and restoring silver and gold decor for Royal Households, Military and Private residences.

They are also known in the world of sport for making many of the globes iconic pieces of silverware. They not only made the 2014 FA Cup, they are also the official Goldsmiths behind all restoration the 2015 Rugby World Cup.

Ultrasonic cleaning is a critical process in Thomas Lytes’s manufacturing and restoration process so having a machine down  could have been detrimental to production .

Workshop manager Alan spoke to our service centre to tell us his problem and within a day we had the machine at our repair centre and being looked at by engineers.

The problem was identified and we had spare parts in stock. We knew the urgency as Thomas Lyte had some big jobs to finish including the restoration of the Rugby World Cup.

Alan was delighted with the service 'EJ Ultrasonics kept me updated with the progress of the repair provided an in depth health  report and ensured the machine was back to us within 3 days'

Thomas Lyte were able to reinstall their Ultrasonic cleaner within their production with very little disruption to their workflow and the Rugby World Cup was saved.

Alan - Thomas Lyte 

Choosing the right Ultrasonic cleaner can be a daunting task?

What size cleaner do I need? How much Ultrasonic cleaning power will I require?

These questions are all relevant to choosing the best Ultrasonic cleaner.

Tank Size

One of the most important factors when getting the best Ultrasonic cleaner for you is the size of the tank. The size of the tank can determine a lot about what you will need ultrasonic power wise and also heating wise. You must consider the largest component you will be cleaning, the amount of components you will be cleaning at a time. The best Ultrasonic cleaner for you will clean your jobs in an efficient and cost effective way.

Ultrasonic Cleaning power

More power always seems good, A car with a bigger engine is faster but there comes implications with running costs and wear. Not to mention the higher price to start with

Getting the best Ultrasonic is about getting the right power you need for the clean you require.Having more power than you need can affect the life cycle of the cleaner with more power leading to heavier wear. However if you don’t have enough power will you get Ultrasonic clean that you require.

For most applications we work to a formula of 7 – 10 watts per litre. However with delicate items such as lens you may require less power.Although power is very important control is even more crucial. If your component may need a more delicate clean or you are using delicate materials within your process. It may vital to use an Ultrasonic cleaner with power control.

Consistent Ultrasonic clean

The key benefits of an Ultrasonic cleaner is the fact that it gives you a repeatable and consistent clean.This is why it is vital that the ultrasonic Cleaner you choose has the right technology to enable this. There are a complex number of variables that can affect the wavelength which causes the ultrasonic cleaning reaction cavitation and without the correct technology this can cause dead spots within the tank which can cause reduced cleaning effectiveness. Finding a Ultrasonic cleaner that has technology to find the right frequencies no matter the situation is key to consistent Ultrasonic cleaning.

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