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Real-Life Ultrasonic Cleaning Tasks

The use of ultrasonic cleaning is increasingly popular, as it's able to get into places that conventional manual cleaning techniques are unable to reach. At the same time it minimises the risk of damaging fragile components. This is thanks to the way it creates tiny bubbles that loosen and lift away dirt from surfaces.

Electronic Devices

Hand-held electronics such as smartphones get a lot of abuse and are affected by dirt from handling, water splashes and much more. Using ultrasonic cleaning can help to restore devices to an as-new state without causing damage to the electronics. The same technique is used in manufacturing circuit boards, so it's easy to see why it would be effective in carrying out maintenance.

The technique is quicker and safer than cleaning with an alcohol solution or brush. It can also help clean up in difficult situations such as when tea or coffee has been spilled on a device.

Salon Equipment

Hair and nail salons need to keep their equipment clean and disinfected. Using ultrasonics provides a much simpler and safer way of doing this than more traditional techniques using steam or boiling water. It has the advantage that it can be used on plastic as well as metal equipment without risk of damage. The ultrasound process is able to remove clipping residues as well as oils and grease very effectively, leaving the equipment clean and safe to use.

Family Silver

Silver can be tricky to clean, especially if the piece in question has intricate patterns or fine details. Over-cleaning can also lead to damage in the long term. Little wonder then that silver tends to spend its time locked away and only gets brought out on special occasions. Cleaning with ultrasound can remove dirt and tarnish without causing damage to the metal; it's also gentler on silver-plated items than using traditional metal polish.

Vinyl Records

There's been a resurgence in vinyl in recent years, as many enthusiasts believe it produces a better sound than CDs. However, it presents a particular problem when it comes to cleaning, as dirt and dust can become embedded in the grooves, and normal cleaning methods risk scratching the surface. Ultrasound cleaning is able to get into the fine grooves and leave records thoroughly clean.

To find out more about ultrasonic cleaning for different items, take a look around the website at the devices on offer and contact us for more information.

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