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Choosing the Best Ultrasonic Cleaner for Tough Tasks

Ultrasonic cleaning uses millions of tiny bubbles to lift dirt and contaminants from a wide range of items without damaging the surface. Used in conjunction with the right cleaning solution, it's a process that can be used for many hard-to-clean items, including delicate jewellery and sensitive electronics.

Choosing the best ultrasonic cleaner really depends on the task you're about to undertake. For tasks such as sterilising surgical instruments dental practices or tattooist shops, for example, a counter-top unit is the ideal choice. You also need to make sure that there is a basket with a fine enough mesh to retain the smallest items you want to clean as they're lifted in and out of the unit. Some processes also need validating so having an accurate timer and temperature control is imperative. Some of customers sometimes go for a higher level of accuracy with our automated units which give full automated process control.

On the other hand, the best ultrasonic cleaner for dealing with engine components will be very different. Small parts such as carburettors can be handled by a small unit similar to that described above, but engine components like crankshafts will need something bigger. A industrial ultrasonic cleaning with unit will therefore be more suitable in garage or workshop environments. These units can also be supplied with more rugged controls for use with gloves.

The ability of ultrasonic cleaning to get into areas where conventional washing and scrubbing can't is a big advantage. It often means there's no need to completely disassemble an item prior to cleaning it, saving considerable time for workshop technicians when it comes to things like fuel injection nozzles.

Whatever the application, you need to choose a unit that is able to use biodegradable cleaning solutions in order to be eco-friendly and ease concerns over disposal of used solutions. You also need to look carefully at the frequency used in cleaning: these can vary depending on the item to be cleaned, and some machines allow you to vary the frequency used for best results on a range of items.

Whatever it is that you need to clean, there's more than likely an ultrasonic cleaner to do the job. Take the time to look around the website and see the range on offer, or give our team a call and they'll be happy to help you select the best unit for your requirements.

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