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What Features Do You Need in the Best Ultrasonic Cleaner?

In order to select the best ultrasonic cleaner for your individual needs, you need to consider the types of items you'll be using it for. This will help you understand which features you require and which are simply unnecessary so that you're not spending more than you need to.

Ultrasonic Cleaner Features
There are many different ultrasonic cleaners on the market, and some of them have specific features that can make the cleaning process more straightforward and reduce the amount of supervision required. Here we look at some of the features you might find on a best ultrasonic cleaner and what the potential benefits of these are.

These enable you to set the required cycle length on your ultrasonic cleaner, which allows you to get on with other tasks during the cleaning process. Once the cycle has finished, the unit turns itself off.

Temperature Settings
It's important to choose an ultrasonic cleaner that has a thermostat so you can set the most appropriate temperature for your specific needs.

Sweep Mode
Cleaners with this feature are able to vary the ultrasonic frequency slightly in order to give a more consistent cleaning action and prevent damage being caused to highly polished surfaces or delicate electronics.

Degas Mode
This option speeds up the removal of air that can become trapped in fresh solutions, which can make the cleaning action less effective if left in. You can also degas a unit by running it empty for a short period.

Adjustable Power
This can be a particularly useful feature on ultrasonic cleaners, as it enables you to set the cleaning cycle to meet the specific requirements of individual products, so it can be used on a greater range of items.

The best ultrasonic cleaner will often have dual-frequencies, which allows it to be used on a larger number of products.

If you're looking to choose the best ultrasonic cleaner for your requirements, then at EJ Electronics we can help you find exactly what you need. Details on our full range of products can be found by browsing the site, as well as case studies about how we have helped previous customers.

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