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What Are the Benefits of Ultrasonic Cleaning?

Ultrasonic cleaners are used across a range of different industries, including medical, manufacturing and beauty, to create extremely clean surfaces efficiently. They are a very effective way of removing harmful contaminants and unwanted residue and, thanks to technological advances, these systems are now even more efficient, safe and affordable.

Compared with other forms of machine-cleaning, hand-cleaning or alternative ways of cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning offers many advantages.

Environmentally Friendly
Heavy cleaning chemicals have traditionally been used in industries where hygiene was critical, but these often add harmful compounds in the manufacturing process, which can result in the pollution of groundwater. They can also give off highly toxic fumes, and workers require protective masks when using them. However, an ultrasonic cleaner only uses detergents that are water-soluble, making them a more environmentally friendly choice.

Safe to Use
Ultrasonic cleaning helps to keep workers safe in other ways too, as they don't have to handle sharp instruments in order to clean them. Hand-cleaning instruments, like drill bits and scalpels, can be risky, as there is the potential for the skin to be punctured, but when an ultrasonic cleaner is used the instruments just need to be placed in the tank.

Cleans Gently
Ultrasonic cleaners are beneficial for delicate pieces, such as precision instruments and jewellery, as they don't become damaged, which they could do with the use of harsh chemicals or hand-cleaning. Ultrasonic cleaning creates a cavitation effect that enables the water mixture to get into narrow spaces and remove all residue without causing any damage.

There is a range of applications where ultrasonic cleaners can be beneficial, including the cleaning of jewellery, car parts and automotive tools, weapons and medical devices, which makes them extremely flexible. They are available in a variety of sizes, from compact desktop models through to larger stand-alone units, with some using specialist detergents and others running with just a small quantity of detergent added to water.

Above all, ultrasonic cleaners are extremely efficient machines and use fewer resources than hand-cleaning or other machines. This includes a reduction in the amount of water required, the energy used and the time it takes to clean the items sufficiently.

For details on the full range of ultrasonic cleaning solutions that we offer, you can look at the products section of the website or contact us for further information.

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