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Automated Ultrasonic cleaners

An automated Ultrasonic cleaner gives you the ultimate in precision cleaning performance.

EJ can has a range of tailored designs based on our Ultra One cleaning platform that can give you high quality consistent and repeatable cleaning at an affordable price.

All of our automation machines are built in the UK and use State of the Art user interfaces to enable easily repeatable operation, performance monitoring and outstanding precision cleaning. They are designed to run at a very low cost and with little maintenance.

Ultra One Ultrasonic cleaner

Dimensions: Length 1900mm; Depth 1100mm; Height 2000mm

Tank Configuration:  2 x Ultrasonic, 2 X Rinse 1 x Dry

Electrical Supply / Usage: 400V, 3ϕ +N +E – 50/60Hz 20A(Transformer Supplied on request)

<6kW Average Running; <1kW Average in Sleep Mode

Water Supply / Usage: 15mm pipe at minimum 2 bar / <60 lph

Compressed Air / Usage: N/A

Effluent Drain:32mm gravity drain (Pump away tank as option)

Fume Extraction:φ100mm duct

Batch Size: A/R

Process Time:20-60 Minutes

Throughput: Up to 10 baskets per hour

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