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Ultrasonic cleaning technology to clean almost anything

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Ultrasonic cleaning solutions
to clean almost anything

What do you need to precision clean?

Find the perfect solution to all your ultrasonic cleaning needs. Simply enter the component you need to clean and our automated system will guide you to a selection of appropriate equipment designed to produce the best cleaning results possible

Over four decades of experience in ultrasonic cleaning at your disposal.
As one of the UK’s leading design and development specialists in ultrasonic cleaning technologies we’re able to provide solutions to the most demanding and technically challenging problems.

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EJ Electronics and Langford Ultrasonics can supply British made UItrasonic cleaning systems to suit your needs and improve your whole cleaning process. Our units are reliable and of high quality to give you an environmentally friendly, cost effective and efficient precision cleaning solution that will save you a lot of money.

The true power of ultrasonic cleaning

Watch our short film to see the power of ultrasonic cleaning for yourself
How an Ultrasonic cleaner works

Working with the best...

Repair and Maintenance

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Looking for Langford
Ultrasonic cleaners?

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How ultrasonic cleaners work


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With 40 years of knowledge and experience of Ultrasonic cleaning. You can trust EJ Electronics to care for your ultrasonic cleaning unit.

We can service, repair and maintain most ultrasonic cleaners and can hire you an Ultrasonic cleaner to limit any downtime you may experience.Units are assessed within 48 hours and the majority of units can be repaired within 7 working days.

Langford Ultrasonics has a long heritage of Ultrasonic manufacturing in the UK and across Europe.

Langford has provided ultrasonic cleaners for Marconi, Rolex and Rolls Royce.

The Sonomatic range is renowned for quality and reliable ultrasonic cleaning  units that serve industry giving environmentally friendly, energy efficient and effective precision cleaning.

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Ultrasonic cleaners work by sending high frequency sound waves,

through a tank of liquid using what’s called a transducer.  A transducer is the key to an ultrasonic cleaning unit and its performance is based on its ability to convert high energy into sound waves which cause a powerful cleaning action.

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